Easy Uploader

Easy Uploader 2.0

PHP uploading form builder with an uploaded files manager
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If you want to enable your visitors to upload files to your website Easley Uploader is the answer for you, using this script your visitors can easily upload files with any size to your website (without the use of FTP) and you will be in control of every thing!
The script contains three main parts a control panel , a file manager and an uploading form, Through the control panel you can control every thing, you can allow any visitor to upload files or restrict that to only registered users (user Authentication) , you can backup the uploaded files , schedule the backup operations to be performed periodically , add a progress bar to your uploading form to indicate the uploading process (which is important incase of big files), restrict the types , size and dimension of uploading files , and many more ?
The uploading form is totally customizable using this tool you can build a very complicated dynamic uploading form without any knowledge of HTML, you can visually add, edit, delete fields to your web form.
Through the file browser you can explore, view and delete uploading files along with any data submitted to your uploading form.

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